Currently, there is a wide range of business areas for graduates of the department of International Trade and Logistics in our rapidly globalizing age, since all enterprises have an international aspect. Firstly, our graduates can work in the units of foreign trade, logistics, financial management, management organization, human resource management, production management and international marketing departments of all companies. In addition, they can find suitable positions in the field of international trade and logistics; in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Treasury and Finance, in the road, airway and maritime transport sectors and at all levels of companies operating in the field of import-export, logistics and transport, customs, and exchange departments of banks. Along with that, graduates of the department of International Trade and Logistics are considered to be equivalent to the graduates of departments such as; economics, business administration, international trade, finance, banking, and they have all the legal rights that graduates of those university departments have.

International Trade and Logistics department curricula are created with courses that contain information that can be used at all levels of business life. The main courses of the department are; introduction to international trade, introduction to logistics management, English, international marketing, international transportation, supply chain management, case studies in international trade, banking and foreign exchange transactions, customs clearance operations, international financing, storage management and applications of sectoral project logistics.

Head Of The Department Of International Trade And Logistics Of Istanbul Kent University
Asst. Prof. Rahmi İNCEKARA


Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities thanks to rapid globalization and all companies wanting to establish an international presence. Graduates can work in the following departments of any company; foreign trade, logistics, financial management, administration organization, human resources management, production management and international marketing. Other areas graduates can work in are; Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communication, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Economy Banks, all levels within companies in the aviation and marine industry, import-export industry, logistics and transportation industry. Due to that fact that graduates also graduate from the Faculty of Economy Administration and Social Sciences, they also acquire rights equivalent to those that graduate from economics, business management, international trade, finance, banking and logistics.


The International Trade and Logistics curriculum offers courses that provide valuable information in every stage of professional life. The courses are; Introduction to International Trade, Introduction to Logistics Conduct, International Marketing, International Transportation, supply chain management, banking and foreign exchange operations in international trade software training, customs operations, international finance, storage management and industry project logistics. In addition, the department offers technical English courses every term and the option to learn a second foreign language (Spanish, Russian, or German).


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