2020 – 2021 Fall Semester Applications Starts: 01 January 2020


1. Online Application and Admission Process:

a. Passport Copy (mandatory)

b. High School Diploma (in Turkish or English)

c. High School Transcript (in Turkish or English)

d. Turkish Proficiency Certificate (B2 Level)

You must apply online at with abovementioned documentation. Upon filing application, if your documentation is complete, and your grade point average is sufficient for the department you apply, then a conditional admission letter is submitted. The amount indicated in the conditional acceptance letter (1000 USD) must be paid as deposit, i.e. down payment. Upon payment, you just need to send the bank receipt to [email protected] Upon submission of bank receipt, an Official Admission Letter will be submitted. Visa application may be performed with the official admission letter.


2. Enrollment:

The requested documentation is as follows:

a. Passport

b. Original High School Diploma (in Turkish or English)

c. Original High School Transcript (in Turkish or English)

d. Certificate Of Equivalence*

e. Letter of Admission

f. 4 x photos

g. Bank receipt of deposit/down payment paid

h. Turkish Proficiency Certificate

* It can be obtained from Directorates of National Education or Turkish Consulates.

If you do not have Turkish Proficiency Certificate, you can take the proficiency examination in our university after completion of enrollment to Istanbul Kent University. Upon completion of all procedures, International Student Affairs Office of our university can help the students, who need residence permit or visa to stay for a long period of time, in Applications for Residence Permit.