2020-2021 Spring Semester Course Selections

2020-2021 Spring Semester Course Selections

Tarih : 22.02.2021

It is obligatory to choose courses on the dates specified in the academic calendar at the beginning of each semester. Students who do not choose courses cannot participate in classes and exams, and do not appear as active students. Processes related to Course Selection are listed below.

• Each student must select courses via OIS system.

• In order to make course selection, courses must be selected via system and sent to the academic advisor for approval on the specified dates.

• Students who do not have their tuition payment approval cannot make course selection.

• In course selection, it is necessary to take courses that have been taken previously and failed.

• If students wish, they can take courses with DD and -DC conditionally passing grades to increase their grade point average. The grade which was received last is valid.

• You must choose all compulsory and elective courses. You can only take courses that you selected.

• You can choose a maximum of 30 credit courses for your major. (Not ECTS, but National Credits)

• You can get a maximum of 15 credits for your double major and a maximum of 12 credits for your minor. (Not ECTS, but National Credits)

• Major and minor students should choose major courses from their major/minor courses from the other user.

• Because of the continuing enter points of make-up examination, course selections will start from Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 10:00, and continue until 23:59 on Sunday, March 7, 2021. After completing the course selection and obtaining the academic advisor's approval, courses from the UZEM system will be open to access. Students cannot participate in courses without the approval of their academic advisor.

• The course schedule will be announced by the Education Planning Directorate.

• In prerequisite courses, those who do not meet the requirement cannot take the next course.


How to:

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