Kent Üniversitesi


Established in 2020, Istanbul Kent University Distance Education Application and Research Center (Kent UZEM) fulfills an important responsibility within the scope of lifelong learning with the distance education programs and certificate programs it has put into practice since the day it started operating. 

Istanbul Kent University Distance Education Application and Research Center (Kent UZEM) aims to contribute to social development in line with information technologies, which have become important parts of today's world economy.

In this direction, Istanbul Kent University Distance Education Application and Research Center (Kent UZEM) works under the Office of the Rector in order to fulfill the following functions.

- To determine the principles regarding associate degree, undergraduate, undergraduate completion, graduate programs and courses, seminars and certificate programs to be carried out by internet-based distance education method at the university within the framework of senate decisions. 
- To organize joint distance education certificate, associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs for the fields that public and private institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations will need at national and international level.
- To determine the instructors who will take part in distance education programs, to assign them, to ensure cooperation and coordination.
- To make necessary announcements about student admissions to distance education programs and to perform registration, entrance exam, crediting and similar transactions.
- To prepare and develop the necessary infrastructure in order to ensure that internet-based distance education studies are carried out effectively and to ensure that the system operates smoothly.
- To carry out associate, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate programs and courses, seminars and certificate programs within the scope of distance education with the internet-based distance education method; in this context, course uploads, virtual classrooms, whiteboards, online exams, etc. to conduct distance education applications. 
- To the instructors working in distance education programs; To provide training and consultancy services on the use of the e-learning platform, design and development of course material, and measurement and evaluation.
- To provide trainings on the distance education system to students participating in distance education programs.
- Giving certificates, passing courses and similar documents to students who successfully complete distance education programs. 
- To carry out measurement and evaluation studies of the adequacy of the infrastructure offered in distance education programs, system performance, student support services. 
- To make the necessary measurements and evaluations about the participation of the students in the course, their success and productivity, to evaluate the opinions and suggestions about the system.
- To conduct scientific research on the functioning and efficiency of the distance education system and to share the results with the scientific world.
- Collaborating with local and foreign institutions in research and practices related to distance education. 
- To carry out other activities recommended by the Rectorate and/or decided by the Board of Directors