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With the purpose of maintaining and improving mental health in accordance with the needs of students and staff of Istanbul Kent University, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department aims at helping students’ personal, social, and academic development, supporting them in adapting to the lifestyle of university and dormitory, as well as giving the abilities to cope with the problems they might face during their education. Students with self-knowledge will become productive, aware, responsible, individuals with problem solving abilities and interpersonal communication abilities as well as healthy thinking abilities during their future jobs while contributing to the society. Within this respect, the sessions are carried out with the principle of confidentiality.

Along with principle of confidentiality, our psychologist who serves at Istanbul Kent University’s Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department Works with the philosophy of non-discrimination and voluntariness principles.

Regarding the continuity of sessions and preventing the delays, it is important and necessary to make an appointment in advance.

For appointments: Istanbul Kent University, Taksim Campus Block B- 217

Psych. Birgül Sena MAYDA

Phone: +90(212) 610 10 10 / Internals: 288





Who can consult Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department?

All the students and staff at Istanbul Kent University.


What is the meaning of “principle of confidentiality”? 

Principle of confidentiality is key in psychological which means no information collected by the counselee is distributed or shared by third parties without the consent of the person. All types of information and reports are being reserved by the psychologist.


Is counseling free of charge?

All the therapies at our departments are free of charge.


What if I have to postpone an appointment?

If you are not able to Show up to an appointment, you have to send an email or direct call to the department up to 24 hours before the appointment.