Kent Üniversitesi



Our vision is to be a leading center, in terms of research and applications in the field of disability studies, that makes a difference on the national and international scale.


Our  mission is to be a center; that has a wide network of cooperation, conducts research on a national and international scale, plays an active role in creating a society that accepts and supports differences, and develops scientific and rights-based service models for the society.


The purpose of ECAM (Disability Studies Research and Application Center) is to raise awareness about disabilities in the society, develop rights-based and scientific service models, and conduct research in addition to all these studies. ECAM works with a wide array of partners to actualize these purposes. Family, school and peers who have a close relationship with disabled individuals and have a great influence on their development constitute these partners. Family is the community that knows the strengths, weaknesses, capacities and needs of the individual with disability, and supports the individual at home, at school and everywhere. The school and peers can be inclusive or exclusionary depending on the opportunities they provide and their approach to people with disabilities. Exclusionary approach emerges as a result of prejudices and negative attitude. ECAM contributes to creating a supportive and accepting community and overcoming prejudice by working with families, school and peers to strengthen the individuals with disabilities. On the other hand, ECAM develops service models that will promote full and active participation of individuals with disabilities in the society. While developping these models, ECAM works with individuals with disabilities and their families. ECAM bases all its applications in scientific foundation. Therefore, it builds a bridge between theory and practice.