Kent Üniversitesi

Message from the Director

Today's social dynamics brings a new perspective to the issues of the division of labor and specialization of individuals, as well as redefining these roles and responsibilities within the framework of sociological norms and principles. In this step, the most important initiative is shaped with the concepts of woman identity and family. The roles of women formed with cultural and sociological norms in the social structure, portrayals attributed to them and their representations have marked the last century as an interdisciplinary concept and an area of interest of science and academia as well.

As Istanbul Kent University Women's and Family Studies Application and Research Center, we aim to contribute to the field both by conducting academic research and making a social contribution with a social responsibility mission. In this context, it is our goal to raise awareness with the projects we will carry out and to contribute to the field with scientific studies by determining the shortcomings in the social structure.

Assoc. Prof. Ahu Özmen Akalın