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Information About Kağıthane Campus

History : 23.11.2022

Dear Students,

Established in 2016, our University continues its activities with the aim of being a university that provides an premium education to our students, conducts the latest research and creates a positive impact on society.
In this direction, we are happy to open our Kağıthane Campus in addition to our Taksim Campus with the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
Our ecological campus, built according to current technological innovations, has a total of 14 floors; there are many areas such as 54 classrooms, 39 laboratories, sports and playgrounds, cafes, socializing areas, library, cafeteria, and workshop.
Our Kağıthane Campus is a 10-minute walk from the M7 Kağıthane Metro. It is located between Bauhaus and AXIS AVM.

Locations of Academic Units;

Taksim Campus:

Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Art and Design
Interior architecture
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (TR-ENG)
Foreign Languages Vocational School
Preparation Departments
Graduate School of Education

Kağıthane Campus:

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
Public relations and advertising
Business (TR-ENG)
Psychology (TR-ENG)
Political Science and Public Administration (TR-ENG)
Social service
International trade and logistics

Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics
Child Development
Speech and Language Therapy
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (TR-ENG)
Nursing (TR-ENG)

Health Services Vocational School

Mouth and dental health
Operating Room Services
Child Development
Pharmacy Services
Electro neurophysiology
First and Emergency Aid
Pathology Laboratory Techniques
Medical Documentation and Secretarial
Medical Imaging Techniques
Medical Laboratory Techniques 

Vocational School

Computer programming
Hair Care and Beauty Services 

Kağıthane Kampüsü: Merkez mahallesi, Cendere Caddesi. No:24 Kağıthane