Kent Üniversitesi

International Conference

History : 13.05.2022

The Ukraine-Russia Crisis Regional and Global Repercussions

Friday, May 13, 2022
Building I Conference Hall

Opening Remarks: Prof. M. Necmettin Atsü, M.D., Rector, Istanbul Kent University

Panel I: The Origins of the Ongoing Conflict

Moderator: Emre Atsü, International Relations Representative, Istanbul Kent University

• Prof. Yaşar Onay, Istanbul University
  Quo Vadis Russia?

• Prof. Hall Gardner, The American University of Paris (Online)
  The Genesis of the Russo-Ukraine War in 2022

• Ambassador (R.) Prof. Ali Engin Oba, Çağ University
  The Ukraine-Russia Crisis in the Light of Diplomatic Studies

• Dr. Ahmet Sapmaz, International Security and Strategy Specialist
  Evaluation of the Russia-Ukraine War in Terms of Principles of War

• Okay Deprem, Journalist & Businessperson (Online)
  Historical, Political and Ethno-Cultural Dynamics behind the Current Military Operations of the Russian Federation

Panel II: Economic, Military and Political Repercussions of the Crisis

Moderator: Emre Atsü, International Relations Representative, Istanbul Kent University

• Prof. Sedat Aybar, Istanbul Aydın University
  The Nature and Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions against Russia

•  Prof. Herbert Reginbogin, The Catholic University of America
•  The Statecraft of Neutrality Challenging the Regional and Global Repercussions of the Ukrainian-Russian War

• Prof. Hasan Ünal, Maltepe University
  Turkey’s Changing Posture on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

• Dr. Onur Sabri Durak, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Online)
  Revisiting the Montreux Convention during the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

• Prof. İbrahim Sirkeci, International Business School Manchester (Online)
  War in Ukraine: Why Another Refugee Crisis?

• Prof. Deniz Yükseker, Istanbul Kent University
  Refugees from Ukraine: a Comparison with Refugees from Syria

Organizing Body: Istanbul Kent University Strategic Research and Application Center (KENTUSAM)

Organizing Committee:

• Prof. Hasret Çomak, Dean, Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences, Istanbul Kent University / Director, KENTUSAM
• Emre Atsü, International Relations Representative, Istanbul Kent University / International Relations Coordinator, KENTUSAM