Our Rector paid an official visit to Baku

Our Rector paid an official visit to Baku

Tarih : 22.12.2021

Our Rector Prof. M.D. M. Necmettin Atsü paid an official visit to Azerbaijan between the dates of December 17, 2021, and 19, 2021.

During the visit accompanied by our International Office Director Berna Severge Bayizit, firstly Martyrs' Square and the Turkish Martyrs' Cemetery were visited, and carnations were left in memory of the martyrs and the authorities gave information about the location. Then meetings on joint projects to be conducted with universities in Azerbaijan were held with the Deputy Minister of Education of Azerbaijan, Firudin Qurbanov and the members of the Parliamentary Education Commission, deputies Prof. Dr. Musa Qasimli and Prof. Ceyhun Məmmədov.

On the second day of the visit, our Rector, Prof. M.D. M. Necmettin Atsü met with the Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Prof. Mustafa Babanlı. At the meeting, bilateral cooperation possibilities were evaluated.

During the visit, Deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, Melahat Ibrahimkizi was confered with on health and education issues. Ibrahimkizi presented to our Rector, Prof. Atsü her own book on the friendly relations of the two countries, and the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the president of Azerbaijan İlham Aliyev, "We Walked Together on these Roads.”

Continuing his meetings on Sunday December 19, Prof. Atsü met with the Chair of the Committee of Khazar University, Prof. Hamlet İsahanlı and the Rector Irada Khalilova. Joint diploma programs, research and seminar efforts were discussed. Prof. Atsü gave a presentation to students on international education.

Support for the children of martyrs

During the visit, our Rector, who met with the ZƏFƏR Support to Martyr’s Families Public Union, made assessments on the contribution that will be provided by İstanbul Kent University to support the education of children of martyrs. The proposal to organize a short-term summer camp on campus for children of martyrs and the opportunity of a certain number of scholarships were welcomed.

Azerbaijani youth are highly successful


Answering the questions of news organizations, Prof. Atsü emphasized that the Azerbaijani students studying in Turkey contribute to the friendly relations of the two countries and said:


"The best choice for those who want to study outside of Azerbaijan is Turkey. We consider them like our own brothers and sisters. The Council of Higher Education also encourages this unity.

Azerbaijani youth are remarkably successful. We are looking forward to welcoming more Azerbaijani students in our university.”