The Third International Clinical Nursing Research Congress

Tarih : 01.09.2020



Dear collegues,

It is a great pleasure to announce that online ‘The Third International Clinical Nursing Research Congress’’ which is going to be held between 9-11 December 2020 by İstanbul Kent University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Depertment and Wollongong University Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health Sciences Nursing Deperment.
We would be more than happy to see you among us.
Expected participants are everyone who works in nursing science related areas such as students, academicians and organizations and so on.
For detailed information about the event, please see the following link: 
Sincerely yours
The Congress Secretary:

Asst. Prof. Cennet Çiriş Yıldız (İstanbul Kent University)
R. Assis. Güzin Ünlü (İstanbul Kent University)