Gastronomy and Culinary Arts PhD Program has become one of the MOST popular programs that people, who wish to make a career in the Accommodation and Food-Beverage sector, apply to all over the world. Doctoral programs of 10 years ago such as tourism or tourism and hotel management that encompass a wider area, has brought about a necessity for more specific doctoral programs i.e., gastronomy and culinary arts, in line with the number of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Departments, which increase both in terms of supply and demand in the national and international arena. The PhD program in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts will allow students to graduate from this program to hold various positions such as bakery and pastry chefs, banquet organizers, executive chefs, as well as developing their perspectives on issues such as intercultural culinary differences, mass food production, food theories, food safety and health knowledge.