About Occupational Health and Safety Graduate Program 

The main objective of the Occupational Health and Safety Graduate Program is to offer students courses regarding liabilities and legal regulations such as determining employers and personnel responsible for employees and all factors that might cause occupational workplace accidents; taking necessary precautions; determining and avoiding risks that might occur in the working environment; analyzing unavoidable risks; dealing with risks at the source; improving workplace design and equipment, working conditions and production methods to ensure the work is suitable for employees; changing dangerous workplace activities with less dangerous or safe ones; developing a consistent and general prevention policy encompassing the impacts of all factors relevant to technology, business organization, working conditions, social relations and working environment; giving priority to collective protection precautions over personal protection precautions and generating workplace emergency situation plans in order to provide the market with qualified personnel.

Occupational Health and Safety Masters Program without Thesis 


Students accepted to the Occupational Health and Safety Masters Program without Thesis must successfully pass 10 courses worth a total of 30 credits and their capstone project within the first two semesters in order to complete their masters education and graduate. The minimum duration for completing the program is 2 semesters and the maximum is 3.

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