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Dear Students,

The age-range of 0-18 years are crucial since it is when the foundations of human life are laid. An individual requires protection, supervision and care until the age of 18 since s/he is considered a child. However, in order for his/her personality to develop fully and harmoniously, s/he needs a happy family environment in which s/he is accepted with tolerance and understanding, loved, valued and his/her rights are respected. However, we all know that not all children's needs can be met, that there are a lot of children who work, live on streets, are placed under protection, pushed to crime or are neglected and abused in addition to children who develop differently in our country. Child development is a professional field that serves all those children and their families and makes a significant contribution to the well-being of individuals, family and society.

Department of Child Development of the Faculty of Health Sciences aims to train child development specialists who can evaluate the development of children between the ages of 0-18 with typical development, with special needs, are gifted, working, under protection, refugees, pushed into the crime and hospitalized children, prepare developmental support programs and provide child-focused consulting services to individuals and institutions.

The curriculum of our department was prepared in line with the criteria of “National Core Training Program” which determines the scope of undergraduate education in child development on a national scale and approved by the Higher Education Council. In this context, the program includes fundamental field courses such as anatomy, physiology, sociology, psychology, pediatric neurology, nutrition and departmental courses and field applications such as developmental diagnostic and evaluation, developmental support programs, early intervention and child-focused family counseling. 

The courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters every year in the form of programs with 30 ECTS. The eight-semesters long program consists of 159 local credits and 240 ECTS courses. The program includes 75% theoretical and 25% applied courses. The curriculum must be completed in at least 4, at most 7 years.
Undoubtedly, this profession is based on the love of children, but with this love it will be possible to touch human life and raise happy individuals. The fact that all individuals who played a role in the construction of society were once children reveals how important this profession is. I congratulate you for choosing a profession that makes a significant contribution to the social welfare of our country, and I wish you success in your college years, where you will gain new knowledge and experience every day.