A Speech and Language Therapist is a healthcare professional authorized to conduct the evaluation, diagnosis and therapy of communication, language and speech disorders in all age groups from infancy to old age. They are graduates of the four-year long program of Faculty of Health Sciences. Speech and language therapists actively work in the cases of voice disorders, swallowing disorders, stuttering, acquired language disorders, motor speech disorders, developmental speech and language disorders, articulation and phonological disorders.

Although the Department of Speech and Language Therapy is a new branch in our country, it is among the most needed professions. Day by day, the need for our department is increasing both in the world and in our country which has rendered our department more popular.

The Department of Speech and Language Therapy at Istanbul Kent University offers its students the opportunity to ensure their professional development by speech and language therapists who are experts in their field. Our students receive education from highly valuable lecturers who are competent in their field, have professional knowledge and therapy experience, and offer a comprehensive curriculum. Our students have the opportunity to do internships in their second year in preschool institutions, primary schools and secondary schools in order to observe normal language development. In their third year, they do internships at Guidance Research Centers to better diagnose language and speech disorders and at relevant neurology, swallowing, ENT clinics of hospitals to increase their clinical experience. In their last year, they have the chance to manage the evaluation, diagnosis and therapy of their clients in our practice unit, which consists of 2 adult therapy rooms, 2 pediatric therapy rooms, 1 floortime therapy room, a sound (Phonetics -Phonology Laboratory) laboratory. Our students actively use the Phonetics-Phonology Laboratory as of first year and have the opportunity to gain experience by putting every theoretical knowledge they have learned into practice. In addition, they reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with their peers i.e., peer guidance, from senior classes to the first-year classes. Our students, who have these opportunities provided by our university, graduate with the knowledge and skills they will need in their work.
Students who graduate from the Department of Speech and Language Therapy can work as academicians in private hospitals, state hospitals, Private Clinics, Private Education and Rehabilitation centers, Private Universities and State Universities. They can also open their own guidance centers.