Head of the Department

Nutrition and dietetics is the science branch that studies the effect of nutrients on human health and how we should consume nutrients. In order to protect and maintain health, the need for dieticians, that is, the need for department of nutrition and dietetics, has increased. The department of nutrition and dietetics is of great importance in the fight against obesity, which is spreading rapidly and becoming a common problem around the world.

Nutritionists do not give diet plans just for the purpose of losing weight. They also use diet plans that they have prepared in accordance with the functioning of the human body to maintain and improve health. Nutrition is a factor that directly affects human health. The importance of nutrients for the quality of life is a factor that cannot be ignored.

Students of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics take basic medical courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Clinical Nutrition, Genetics, Psychology and Counseling in Clinical Practice from qualified and valuable lecturers in their respective fields. Additionally, professional theoretical and practical courses such as Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition Principles, Food Technology, Nutrition Chemistry and Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Nutrition Therapy in Pediatric Diseases, Methods of Food Systems, Public Nutrition and Epidemiology, Food Safety Legislation are offered. Students gain experience by working in the field for a predetermined time of the training period in primary and secondary levels. Field courses are very important for increasing professional competence. In particular, dieticians are needed to primarily question the eating habits of patients and provide the necessary education. Your socio-cultural development is supported with courses of Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Career Development, Information Literacy (ECDL/ICDL), English, Cultural Electives and Occupational Electives.

Consequently, our graduates become competent professionals who work in harmony in society, question, develop projects, have ethical values and are adapt to rapidly advancing technologies and innovations. Our graduates carry the historical culture of the campus of İstanbul Kent University where students receive training, grow up and become sought after individuals in the field of nutrition and dietetics with socio-cultural values they have gained. Graduates have the opportunity to find jobs in Oncology and Diabetes Units, Sports Centers, Diet Centers, Preschool Education Centers, Catering Companies, Hospitals and Renal Care Units etc.