Kent Üniversitesi


Asst. Prof. Devrim ÇİMEN

Message from the Head of Department

The concept of design is a phenomenon that covers our entire living space and appears at many different scales, and it is in constant motion. The concept, which basically emerged to meet the needs of people and societies by using natural resources, determines our living spaces from invisible scales to much larger scales in today's world. However, the climate crisis, which is an important phenomenon recently, gives us an idea about the direction of design activities. In this context, new fields of study such as recycling and bio-materials gain importance. In addition, the practice, which has developed only as the field of activity of the designer, is gaining importance as a collective work field that brings together different disciplines in parallel with all these developments. In this production environment, the ability to approach subjects from different angles and to take a critical position stands out as the secret of success. Another important factor is collective production. In this sense, design processes need individuals who cooperate, not compete with each other, and can achieve success under these conditions.

In this context, the Department of Interior Architecture of Istanbul Kent University is based on an education approach that can develop design thinking, is open to the contributions of different disciplines, attaches importance to critical thinking, does not compete with each other, but cooperates, learns by experiencing and producing, and always prioritizes the reality of the climate crisis while doing all these. aims to enable them to step into their professional life with the benefits of the creative, productive and investigative studio environment.

Dr. Devrim Çimen