Kent Üniversitesi


Program Chair

Our dear students,

The most life-saving part of healthcare is emergency response. In this way, many people can be transported to centers where they can receive more advanced treatments and survive. First and emergency aid deals with the sudden and unexpected life problems that can happen to people at any time. These problems may be all kinds of accidents, as well as acute attacks on chronic diseases or sudden life-threatening health problems. Health services are oriented towards the goal of providing people with as comfortable and long life as possible. While walking towards this goal, it is very important to intervene immediately and correctly in situations that develop suddenly and are urgent.

As the "First and Emergency Aid" program in the Health Services Vocational School of our university, we provide our students with training on First and Emergency Aid, with theoretical lectures, laboratory practices and in-service practices. Our program is a program in which professors who are experts in their subjects take care of their students. Among our lessons; Medical courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Ethics and Patient Rights, Pharmacology, Trauma and Surgical Diseases Knowledge; There are vocational courses such as First and Emergency Aid, Emergency Health Services, Emergency Patient Care, Ambulance service. In addition to these courses, apart from routine, we have lessons such as Career Development, Information Literacy, English, Emergency Disaster - Search and Rescue that you will take yourself further and encourage you to learn for life. In addition, our University; It gives you a social university life that you will love with the students of other departments on its campus in the center of Istanbul. One of our main goals is to prepare you for life in every aspect by participating in our elective courses for arts, sports and cultural activities that are part of university life and the activities of student clubs.

Our graduates, with their professional competence and competencies, working discipline and ethical values, with the awareness of open technologies, can question, produce projects, solve problems easily, work in harmony with their group mates; They can easily have job opportunities as a paramedic in public hospitals, private hospitals, 112 centers and stations, ambulance services.

As Istanbul Kent University "First and Emergency Aid" Program, I would like to see you in our university. We aim to establish a successful, hardworking and knowledgeable health army together with you. I wish you all a healthy and peaceful life.