Kent Üniversitesi

Director's Message

Dear Students,

Healthcare services in the world and in Turkey are growing day by day. As the diversity of medical institutions and the medical services provided increases, the need for medical personnel also increases. Our Vocational School of Health Services aims to train equipped professionals who can compete both nationally and internationally, are competent in their profession, put into practice the knowledge they have obtained, come up with solutions, are open to development and have high self-confidence for the health services and industry.

We closely follow educational, scientific, technical and technological developments in the field of healthcare. We aim for student-oriented education with our modern and innovative academicians and administrative staff expert in their respective fields, modern classrooms and laboratories with technological infrastructure.
12 associate degree programs, namely, Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, Child Development, Oral and Dental Health, Electroneurophysiology, Physiotherapy, Emergency and First Aid, Medical Documentation and Secretariat, Medical Imaging Techniques, Pharmacy Services, Pathology Laboratory Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques are offered in the Vocational School of Health Services.

No matter which department you graduate from the Vocational School of Health Sciences of İstanbul Kent University, you will realize that you will have improved your cultural accumulation and ability to conduct interdisciplinary studies with elective courses, your language skills with English courses, your use of information technologies with the Information literacy course and personal development with Career or Behavior courses. Occupational and practice courses will turn you into competent and adequate individuals who adapt to working groups, have ethical values, produce ideas and projects, and therefore are highly sought after.
We are pleased to see you among us and wish you all success.

ASST. PROF. Yusuf Eren