Oral and Dental Health

Program Chair

Dear students,

Today, with the development of the "Dentistry" profession in our country and in the world, preventive dentistry practices gain importance. In addition, with the increasing prevalence of specialization in dentistry, the "Oral and Dental Health Technician", who helps physicians in the clinical practice of the profession, in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases, has become very valuable.

It is not possible for dentistry clinics, who want to keep up with the developing technological world, to achieve this without the support of a successful "Dentistry Technician". In the past, dentist assistants have performed their professions in a master-apprentice relationship without any training. As in developed countries; during the two-year associate degree program, you, our students, are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to best practice your profession by the faculty of dentistry who are experts in their fields. During the education; in addition to vocational courses such as anatomy, implant prostheses, dental anatomy and occlusion, chemistry-physics for technicians, behavioral sciences, prosthesis I-II, materials knowledge and occupational technology, orthodontic appliances, prosthetic milling technique, modern prosthesis, Turkish Language, foreign language, general culture courses such as Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution are taught.

I am looking forward to our prospective students who can adopt and fondly do the Oral and Dental Health Technician profession, and wish you all health, success and happiness