Program Chair

Dear Students;

The positive and / or negative effects of the modernization of life on human health increase the need for qualified healthcare professionals. Physiotherapy technicians have important responsibilities in matters such as preventing functional disorders from becoming permanent after increasing traffic and other occupational accidents due to any health reasons, gaining the individual's independence in daily life, and increasing the quality of life.

The goal of Istanbul Kent University Physiotherapy program; to train health technicians who help the treatment of individuals with congenital or acquired physical disabilities, apply physical therapy techniques in order to increase health and quality of life, and do all these under the supervision and supervision of a physiotherapist and physiotherapist.

During the two-year "associate degree" education process, medical courses such as anatomy, physiology, medical ethics and patient rights, physiotherapy in sports, physiotherapy in sports, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, orthosis-prosthesis are given by our university's experienced educators. Our lessons are conducted interactively with theoretical and intensive practical methods. In addition to vocational courses, courses such as informatics literacy, career development, behavioral sciences, seminar courses, English, and psychology are important lessons that will support you in expressing yourself, preparing for social life, and solving problems.

Our graduates; Equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills, developed research and problem solving skills, cultural knowledge and communication, using technological tools and equipment, giving importance to human health and ethical values, having professional competence, aiming for lifelong continuous education, working in harmony with working groups As individuals who have gained presentation skills, they have the opportunity to work in state hospitals, private hospitals, university hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics and private branch centers.

You will always be welcomed by our whole programme.

I wish you all a fine, healty and succesfulacademic year.