Vocational School


The aim of the Vocational School is to train modern individuals who will meet the skilled labor force to work in both public and private institutions and organizations.

The Vocational School aims to improve the quality of Turkey's workforce through its role in training individuals who can apply scientific and social developments to their profession and respect ethical principles, legal order and national values.

The Vocational School consists of two-year programs of four academic semesters. In addition to the fundamental courses in their fields, students are offered departmental and non-departmental elective courses that will contribute to their personal and professional development; thus they are provided with specialization in their fields of interest. In the basic courses, importance is attached to developing the ability to analyze through case studies, and the “Socratic” teaching method is implemented in some elective courses. Moreover, students are offered the opportunity of double major and minor programs in certain departments at Istanbul Kent University.

The curricula of programs are determined taking into account international standards of industry requirements that the relevant program aims to meet. For example, the Justice Program offers courses such as constitutional law, civil law, procedural law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, as well as courses related to business life and legal education such as labor law, commercial law and law of obligations. Furthermore, students' learning skills are enriched with courses such as business management, fundamentals of accounting, computer courses and communication skills. Also, their language skills are improved with English courses. Students are supported to increase their general knowledge and etiquette through electives offered throughout the university. 

The duty of Vocational School is to ensure that highly qualified individuals, who meet the needs of the public and private sectors, join the workforce. The Vocational School stands out with its respectable and dynamic academic staff with academic and professional experience in national and international fields. The academic staff prepares students for work life by providing an environment where they can meet the social and cultural requirements of today's world, acquire occupational terminology, basic theory knowledge and analysis ability.

Our programs provide students with the ability to learn and practice as well as basic theory and enable them to obtain the competence to conduct scientific studies. In the Vocational School, students acquire occupational awareness and communication skills, learn about the needs of the sector with events, projects and competitions conducted with the participation of students and also judges, prosecutors, lawyers and experts from the sector.

Graduates are appointed as editorial and enforcement directorate officers in the judicial and administrative organization within the public sector; they can work in penal institutions, public organizations and law enforcement agencies; and they are also employed in law firms, notaries and administrative units of private organizations. Those who wish to continue their education can transfer to programs both in Turkey and abroad via Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) within the framework of the ÖSYM rules.

Istanbul Kent University Vocational School offers students an educational and training environment in which they can acquire the habit of questioning, the culture of distinguishing correct information from incorrect information, the habit of following current literature with changes in legislation. We invite prospective students to become one of our graduates who have internalized national values and principles of justice.