Bilgisayar Programcılığı

Program Başkanı

Head of the Program
Nowadays, it has become a necessity for all institutions to produce technology and ensure its continuity since it is a necessity in every field. It is a fact that qualified technical personnel who can provide hardware and software solutions are always needed in Turkey and all over the world.

In order to put creative and innovative ideas into practice, it is important to train individuals who are experts in software. Our Department of Computer Programming aims to train competent and creative individuals in terms of basic programming and algorithm design techniques, current programming languages, project management methodologies, database management, network systems and hardware issues.

In addition to technical application and theoretical content, courses that support the personal development of our students and which they can choose according to their interests are also offered. ,

Students are required to undergo internship in the sector. They will be awarded the title of "Computer Programmer" by performing their applications and internships at workplaces which will allow them to combine their theoretical knowledge with practice in accordance with the guidelines set by the Council of Higher Education. 
Our graduates can work in the fields of computer hardware or software manufacturers, information processing centers or management information systems. With the spread of technology, the employment of individuals in this profession is becoming easier day by day. 
Our students, who have graduated from our program, have the right to transfer to the relevant 4-year programs of universities via DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) if they wish. 

Preferable Bachelor's Programs  

Computer Engineering  
Computer Science
Teaching of Computer and Instructional Technologies
Computer Technology and Information Systems
Computer and Software Engineering
Engineering Physics 
Statistics and Computer Science
Control and Automation Engineering
Mathematics and Computer Science
Meteorological Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Software Engineering
Management Information Systems  

We are looking forward with excitement to accompany all our students who wish to become a qualified technical staff who can manage their personal development on their journeys. 

Lecturer Begum Al