Head of Program

Head of Program

Dear Students,

Justice is one of the fundamental pillars of a state. In addition to judges, prosecutors and lawyers; courthouse staff, bailiffs and notary public personnel play an important role in the establishment of justice. The justice program is a 4-semester long program created to train judicial personnel, bailiffs and notary personnel.
The career opportunities for justice graduates are quite diverse. Graduates can work in the courts, enforcement and bankruptcy directorates, provided that they succeed in the examinations conducted by the Ministry of Justice. Graduates who wish can serve as a bailiff provided that they succeed in the exams.

Graduates have the opportunity to pursue a career in the private sector as well as in the public sector. Graduates of justice program can work as auxiliary staff in law firms. In addition, they can also be employed in conciliation firms, trademark & patent offices, arbitration boards, notaries or as an assistant to conciliator. Besides, graduates, who have achieved a high score in the DGS (Vertical Transition) exam and have met the requirements, can continue their studies at the faculty of law.

As our university, we designed our curriculum so that our students can have a successful career. Basic law courses such as constitutional law, civil code, law of obligations, criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, labor law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law are included in our curriculum.

Due to the fact that computer knowledge and typing skills are essential for justice students, we also included the courses of Basic Information Technologies and Keyboard Techniques in our curriculum. In order for our students to succeed in their careers, practice-focused courses such as attorney and notary law, criminal execution law, mediation law are included in our program. Moreover, in order to improve personal development and foreign language skills of our students, Career Development, English and various elective courses are included in the curriculum.

We are looking forward to welcoming students who have chosen this sacred profession which requires responsibility, perseverance and diligence along with enthusiasm.