Kent Üniversitesi


The number of days you will undergo compulsory internship will vary depending on the department/program you are studying in. In that sense, you can find out how many days you will undergo compulsory internship from the head of the department/program that you study in.

Since the compulsory internship coincides with the summer break, our students are free to determine their internship places. Our students residing outside Istanbul can also determine an internship place outside Istanbul. However, our students must obtain approval from the heads of the department/program regarding whether the internship places they have determined are appropriate.

Yes, you will have an insurance. Your insurance premium for accidents at work and occupational diseases, which must be paid during the internship, will be paid by our University.

You can not have an medical examination, surgery, etc. with your insurance for internship. This insurance is intended only for accidents at work that may arise during the internship.

According to the law, the place of internship must pay the trainee 1/3 of the minimum wage. However, it is advised to ask your questions about wages to the institution where you will be interning.

5 working days are normally considered weekdays. However, if it is also documented that the workplace is open on the weekend, it can be considered a working day.

Yes, it can be done. Although the application and evaluation process are the same, insurance and other legal processes are the responsibility of the student.

After receiving acceptance for the place of internship, students fill out the Internship Application Form, which is available on the web page, in two copies and receives approval from both the head of department/program and the institution where they will be undergo internship. After that, students deliver one of the approved forms to the Internship Coordinator and the other to the workplace before starting the internship. The student's insurance is activated prior to the internship and the statement of employment is delivered to the student. Meanwhile, students begin the internship by preparing extra internship documents requested by the company of internship.

Each department/program should have its own internship report. You can obtain the relevant content by consulting the head of the department/program.

No, the internship of a student who has not submitted the internship form before the internship is considered invalid.

It is mainly the student's responsibility to find an internship place. But if you can't find an internship place, you can use the quotas of our university to the extend it is possible.

If the department and unit you have worked in, is compatible with your area of studies and you have performed the necessary procedural actions, it is possible with the approval of your department/program head.