Kent Üniversitesi


You can apply by filling out the online application form at

Where can I find out about the current programs and tuition fees?

Detailed information about international student admission programs and tuition fees can be found on the International Office web page.

Please see the table showing the exams accepted for application and the minimum scores that needs to be obtained from these exams.

The language of instruction of all undergraduate and graduate programs other than the Department of Psychology and Dentistry is Turkish.

Psychology and Dentistry undergraduate programs offer education in both Turkish and English.

The period of the undergraduate programs other than Dentistry is 4 academic years, not including English preparatory program/Turkish preparatory program (when necessary).

The period of education of the Dentistry Undergraduate Program is 5 academic years, not including the Turkish / English preparatory year (when necessary).

The duration of the master's degree program is 3 academic semesters for non-thesis programs, not including the Turkish preparatory class (when necessary), and 4 academic semesters for programs with thesis.

International students cannot be employed on / off campus in accordance with current legislation.

IELTS certificate is not valid in universities in Turkey. For exemption from the English preparatory program, you must submit a TOEFL IBT certificate.

The International Office will help you apply for a residence permit. International students must apply for a 'residence permit' within 30 days of entering Turkey. 

You must make an online appointment at and go to the appointment place along with the required original signed documents on the day of the appointment. 

Accommodation is not available on campus. You can stay in private dormitories which our university has agreements with.

Lateral transfer is not possible for international students. As a new student, you can apply for existing quotas and transfer these courses if the content of the courses you passed in your previous institution is appropriate.