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Students, who have successfully completed the program in which they are registered with a CGPA between 3.00 and 3.49 and have not received disciplinary action, are called honors students.

Students, who have successfully completed the program in which they are registered with a CGPA of 3.50 and above and have not received disciplinary action, are called high honor students.

It is calculated by dividing the total credit earned from all courses that the student has taken in the relevant semester by the sum of the credit values of these courses.

It is calculated by dividing the total credit earned from all courses that the student has taken up to a certain time, including the relevant semester, by the sum of the credit values of these courses.

The lecturer assigned to assist students in education and training, course add-drop procedures and academic matters at the University.

It is the calendar showing the period of teaching and training processes at Kent University. It is published on the Web page. You can follow important academic dates here.

Midterm exam is an exam type that can be held during the semester/year for the courses stipulated in the relevant educational program. Exams for courses that require personal skills can be conducted practically. Midterm exam results are announced before the semester / year finals.

Your friend may have taken different courses from you in previous semesters or may have been exempt from some courses. Therefore, it is normal that you see different courses on the screen.

The status of students enrolled in the university is instantly transmitted to recruitment offices via YOKSIS as of the date of registration. No additional correspondence is made.

It is the credit that refers to all the work that a student must carry out in order to successfully complete a course.

The maximum duration of education is four semesters for the preparation classes which have two semesters of study period, it is eight semester for associate's degree programs that have four semesters, it is fourteen semesters for bachelor's degree programs that have eight semesters, it is sixteen semesters for bachelor's degree programs that have ten semesters, it is eighteen semesters for bachelor's degree programs that have twelve semesters.

Depending on the number of courses you have taken and passed successfully, you may have the right to an additional exam or be dismissed from the University. Please refer to the relevant article of Kent University Directive on Education and Examination for details.

Applications for vertical transfer are made to OSYM. After the exam results are declared, students enroll the university they have won on the dates specified by the OSYM.

Lateral transfer dates; application date and announcement date are indicated in academic calendars. It is held twice a year, at the beginning of the fall semester and at the beginning of the spring semester.

For those who fail the end of the semester/ year final exams, there is an resit exam period. Please refer to the relevant article of Kent University Directive on Education and Examination for details.

The content of each course, how much exams and/or evaluations affect the success of students are announced by the course instructor at the beginning of the semester. You can request the relevant course content from the secretary of the faculty/vocational school where you study.

Before the beginning of each academic semester/year, students determine the courses that they will take during the period specified in the academic calendar, in accordance with the principles established by the rectorate and under the supervision of their academic advisors.

Course registrations are made within the periods specified in the academic calendar.

Course registration procedures at our university is carried out via the Student Information System (

By logging into the Student Information System, students, who pay tuition fees, select their courses from the curriculum which were determined for that semester, and complete the course registration process after having their advisors approve it. Course registration is the responsibility of students; students themselves are responsible for the actions taken during registration.

Course exemption petition, transcript of records issued by the Registrar's Office of the higher education institution that you were previously registered to, in the event that the explanatory information about student assessment system is absent in your transcript of records, supplementary document which includes said information, documents showing detailed definitions and content of the courses approved by the relevant Faculty/Vocational School.

You can apply to the secretary of faculty or vocational school where you are registered with the following documents within 15 days at the latest from the date of registration at the University.

Students who are documented by the instructor to have exceeded the absence limit are not taken to the end of the semester/year final exam of that course. So they fail the course.

You can be exempt from courses that you have previously taken in a higher education institution and succeeded in. However, for this purpose, it is necessary for the Exemption Commission of the Faculty/Vocational School to which you are affiliated, to review the relevant courses and to make a decision on approval of the exemption.  So you don't have to take these courses again at Kent University.

Students are required to attend courses, laboratories, practices and other studies deemed appropriate by the instructors, except for courses given through distance education.  Rules about student attendance requirements are indicated in the syllabus, which is announced by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester and students' attendance is evaluated by the lecturer according to the rules. If the lecturer of the course has recorded your attendance status in the system, you can view it from the OIS system.

In the automation system, the time, credit and type of the course are specified when selecting the course. After completing the course selection, you can also see the courses you have taken and the features of these courses in the automation system.

Attendance requirement is 70% for theoretical courses and 80% for practice courses.

Success status in a course is determined with the grade. The success you demonstrate in midterm exams, quizzes, fieldwork and workplace practice, application, assignment, projects, workshop, seminar, attendance, laboratory, and other similar tasks along with final exam of semester/ year determine your grade.

It is the system that allows graduates of associate's degree programs to transfer to bachelor's degree programs. Associate's degree graduates can  transfer to bachelor's degree  programs after taking DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) with central placement. For DGS and placement calendar follow the address of

Diplomas are issued only once. Diplomas/documents that have been torn, destroyed for any reason or must be completely reissued for mandatory reasons are issued in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

A course's passing grade is CC.

The Executive Board of your Faculty or Vocational School decides on the approval of the courses you have taken before and which courses that they will be transfered for.

For a student to recieve his / her personal documents in his / her file, he / she must have no obligation towards the University.

Students can request to withdraw from the university at any time.

You must follow the exmatriculation procedure with the exmatriculation form that you will receive from the Directorate of Student Affairs.

You can apply personally or a person to whom you have granted power of attorney can apply on your behalf.

You can contact the Directorate of Financial Affairs for procedures that are applied in the event that you withdraw from the university such as tuition reduction, etc.

In order to graduate, with the exception of the preparatory class, you must have received ECTS credits at least amounting to multiplying the number of semesters in the curriculum by 30 or multiplying the number of years in the curriculum by 60.

With the exception of summer school, the maximum credit load is 80 credits in an academic year, but 42 credits cannot be exceeded according to the CGPA in a semester. You can talk to your academic advisor about this issue.

There are mid-term exams, end of the semester/year final exams, makeup exams, resit exams and single-course exams. These exams can be done in writing, orally or both in writing and orally and/or applied.

The time during registration freeze is not counted within education period.

Requests for a registration freeze, along with their justification and documents, are delivered in writing to the secretary of the relevant Faculty or Vocational School. If students get arrested or detained, when those students whose detention and arrest have ended or who have been acquitted of the crime in which they were tried, they are considered to be on leave for that periods. Students who must suspend their studies due to military service are considered on leave for the period until they complete their military service. Those students continue their studies where they left off.

If there are justified and valid reasons, students may be allowed a leave of absence one or two semesters upon the written application of students or their agents to the office of dean/director. This is called registration freezing.

There are two types of registration renewal. All students, who are not awarded 100% scholarship, must renew their financial registration at the beginning of each semester/year between the dates indicated in the academic calendar. Students who have completed their financial registration, complete their registration renewal process by completing the course registration process. A student who does not renew his/her financial registration is a passive student.

Another person can also fulfil your financial obligation. Course registration is an online procedure and you can complete by entering the system with your user information.

Students who do not renew their registration within the periods specified in the academic calendar become passive students. Students in passive status cannot attend classes and exams during these periods, they lose their student rights. They are also unable to benefit from the scholarships they were awarded on their first enrollement to Kent University. The period in which a student stays without renewing registration is deducted from the period of study and scholarship.

You can transfer from the institution where you study to a different institution with a gpa or central score. For this, you must meet lateral transfer requirements of the institution to which you will transfer.

It means transfering to a different department or program at the same university. Intra-lateral transfer is possible with an average or provided that a student meets the requirement of minimum base score for the year he/she enrolled the university. A minimum GPA of 2.29 is required for intra-lateral transfers in Kent University. Internal lateral transfer dates are indicated in the academic calendar.

Makeup exam is an exam that is held instead of midterm exam, end of the semester/year final exam. Students who cannot take the exams due to their justified and valid excuses declare their excuses to the secretaries of Faculty/Vocational School, and those whose excuses are accepted can take the excuse exam.

They are the courses such as Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution, Turkish and foreign language courses outside the English preparatory program.

You can receive your student certificate electronically via e-devlet or student automation.

It is a web-based Student Automation System. It is a platform which allows students to see their grades and processes such as course selection are performed. It can be accessed via

If you are entering the system for the first time, your password is sent via sms to your mobile phone in the system. After logging in, you will need to renew your password.

You can take courses through OIS, see your exam results, submit entries for academic evaluation and course evaluation surveys, and request documents.

You can send an email to and specify your problem on the subject. We will return to you as soon as possible.

You can reset your password by clicking "I Forgot My Password" button. Your new password will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone and emailed to your KENT mail address. If the problem continues, you can contact Student Affairs.

Students apply to the Directorate of Student Affairs to request Student Certificate, Transcript of Records, Diploma and Temporary Graduation Certificate, to obtain student ID cards for the first time, when there are problems with automation entries (OIS Student System), and for University registrations.

Directorate of Student Affairs manages the following: student registration, registration renewal, registration freezing, exmatriculation, implementation of decisions in the system, graduation procedures, diploma, controlling and editing course registration, MAJOR, MINOR, lateral and vertical transfer applications, YOS (Examination for International Students) records, and conducting similar processes and meeting the demand of documents.

The weekly course schedule is announced at least one week before the registration period of the academic semester/year. You can also see it in the student information system when you register a course.

A student can only object to exam results or grades due to a financial error. Students may submit a petition to the secretary of Faculty/Vocational School within three working days of the announcement of the exam results.

Exam schedules are determined by the office of dean/directorate within the framework of the academic calendar and announced at least one week before the exams. Exams can be held on saturdays and sundays in addition to religious and national holidays and new year holidays.

Exam results can be seen in the Student Information System.

A student who can not take an exam is considered to have used her/his exam right and received zero (0) points. A grade that a student has received from an exam which he/she did not have a right to take or has received as a result of taking the exam accidentally is canceled, even if it has been announced. If you are unable to take an exam due to an illness or a similar excuse, you must apply to the secretary of your Faculty or Vocational School with a petition.

DD and DC grades are conditional passing grades. At graduation, if a student's CGPA is 2.00 and above, then s/he is successful, and if it is lower than 2.00, it is necessary to re-take and upgrade the grades of DC and DD.

At the end of a year and/or summer school final exam, a student who has one failed course to graduate may be granted the right to single course exam by the executive board decision of the relevant department. It is announced when and who will take the single course exam.

In the student information system, your address, phone, e-mail and contact information that can be accessed in case of emergency are kept. Students are required to notify the Directorate of Student Affairs as soon as possible of any changes in their contact information.

A transcript of records is a document that contains the registration status of students during their study at Kent University, the courses they have taken, their grades and their level of academic success, the grading system and the criteria for evaluating success.

If a student has completed all the courses specified in the curriculum of the department/program in which he/she is enrolled, but his/her GPA is below 2.00, he/she must increase his/her GPA to 2.00 and above by raising at least one of his/her courses with DD and DC grades. Otherwise, s/he can't graduate.

If a student has received expulsion punishment from a higher education institution in accordance with the provisions of the Student Discipline Regulation of Higher Education Institutions, s/he may be exmatriculated from the university by the decision of the Executive Board of the relevant department or the Executive Board of the University.