Kent Üniversitesi


Any student, who is registered in an undergraduate program, who studies within the normal education period, who has a GPA of 2.00 or higher and who has not received a disciplinary action, can work part-time at our university.

Applications for part-time working students are accepted at the beginning of each academic year with announcements made through our university's website and social media accounts. You can also consult our Health, Culture and Sports Directorate for application details.

Work hours cannot exceed a maximum of 5 hours in a day, a maximum of 15 hours in a week, and a total of 60 hours a month. Work hours are regulated by unit directors.

Students, who work part-time, cannot work in more than one unit. 

Working as a part-time student does not terminate the general health insurance you have through your family. Your health care insurance through your family continues its validity.