Kent Üniversitesi


Istanbul Kent University is available to all members. Our library is closed to external users.

Opening-closing hours are 10.00-16.00 on weekdays due to the pandemic.

All students enrolled in the university, academic and administrative staff can benefit from the library collection.

General Rules:

  • Members should not enter the library with food and drinks and should not smoke in the library.
  • Users are required to turn off their mobile phones when entering the library.
  • Books in the library are protected by an electronic security system. Books should not be removed from the library without permission.
  • In the library, group work is not permitted, and users should not work aloud.

Borrowing Rules

  • All students and faculty members registered at Istanbul Kent University are directly accepted as members of the library and can borrow books.
  • During the lending process, the university ID must be shown.
  • Reference resources, periodicals, non-printed dissertations cannot be lent.
  • Faculty members can borrow books for 1 month and students for 2 weeks.
  • Faculty members can borrow a maximum of 6 books at a time, undergraduate students 2 books, and graduate students 4 books. Borrowing period can be extended for 1 week if a student/lecturer demands it.
  • Users can not borrow books on behalf of anyone else from the library.
  • When necessary, library has the right to demand a book be returned without waiting for the due date.
  • Users must return a book they borrowed on due date. A penalty is applied for each book whose return is delayed 1 day; users cannot borrow books for 2 days.
  • Members are required to provide information to the library when they change their contact information.
  • Members must return the books, which they borrowed, to the library upon their graduation or if they are dismissed from the school for any reason and obtain an "exmatriculation" certificate from the library.
  • Members can extend borrowing period for the books they borrowed by calling (212) 6101010/261-270) and emailing (

Use of Internet Services

  • Istanbul Kent University faculty members, students and staff can benefit from the computers in the library free of charge.
  • Maximum usage time is 30 minutes.
  • Computers are primarily used for the purpose of internet access.
  • It is forbidden to chat, play games and play with the system features of computers.

It is forbidden to smoke, consume foods and drinks in the library, except for bottled water.

Librarians should be contacted to obtain source and use information about a particular topic. The reference librarian, who serves on the advisory desk, directs research, helps use resources and answers all kinds of research questions.

For catalog scanning, you can click the following link

Photocopy service is currently not available in the library, but there is a stationery office at the same campus where you can get photocopy/printing service.

According to Copyright practices, more than 10% of a book or an article in the same issue of a magazine can not be photocopied. ( )

In the computer section of our library, there are desktop computers and ipads with internet access. Wireless internet service is also available.

The right to borrow material varies according to user type. For detailed information;

Istanbul Kent University members must show their student ID cards when borrowing items.

If another user has not reserved  that item before the due date and the user does not have a penalty, then the user can extend the borrowing period of the item no more than once by coming to the library or using the My Library Account section on the web page. For My Library Account section;

For book borrowing and borrowing period extension, the user must do the procedure themselves. You can only return a book on behalf of someone else.

Click on the My Library Account button on the library web page. A session is opened by entering the student number and password (the first 4 digits of the R.T. ID number) on the page that opens. For My Library Account section;

If an item has been borrowed by someone else, you can reserve that item. After the item is returned to the library, it is held for the user who reserved it at the information desk for 3 days. In addition, notification is made by e-mail.

User information is kept confidential.

For overdue books and movies, users are banned from borrowing books for twice as many days past their due date.

If the borrowed item is lost, the user must provide the same item as the lost item.

All responsibility for the borrowed item belongs to the user. In cases such as tearing a page of a book, wearing it out, pouring liquid on it, etc. the librarian has the right not to accept it. In this case, the user must provide the same item.

Periodicals are only used in the library. They can't be taken out of the library.

CD, DVD, VCD are not borrowed. They are only used in the library.

You can make your publication requests by logging into your private account from “My Library Account” and filling out the Request Form. For My Library Account section;

You can access e-journals, e-books, etc. in the database by subscribing and opening for trial from the Open access, E-journals and Databases section on our Web page.

For off-campus access, you can access electronic resources by logging in with your OIS username and password from the “Off-campus Access” section. For support you can e-mail For off-campus access;

It is forbidden to leave personal belongings such as bags, coats, etc. in the library. The library is not responsible for lost or forgotten items. Items left / forgotten in the library are left to security.