Kent Üniversitesi


According to the curricula of all departments and programs, our students practice in the relevant workplaces within the scope of practice courses in certain periods. You can find out which semester you will have your practice course by studying your curriculum.

Since practice courses are taken during the semester, and our students are supervised in the workplaces by relevant lecturers, the places of practice are determined by our university.

If you submit your application to the head of the department/program and get approval, you can also determine it yourself.

It can be evaluated as a course in semester with application credit. For this reason, as a result of not taking practice course, you will fail this course.

Unfortunately, you cannot be located outside of Istanbul, as the practice courses in the semester also take place in a process that continues in the institution.

After the place and dates of practice are determined, you are liable to prepare the internship documents requested by the company where you will practice.

For practice during the semester, occupational accidents and occupational diseases insurance will be covered by our university.

If the institution where you work is in an area related to the department where you are studying, you can perform your practice after submitting your request and employment document to the approval of the head of the department/program.