Kent Üniversitesi


Due to the pandemic conditions and due to the fact that the vast majority of our students are studying in health service-related departments and will practice in this field, practice courses have been suspended. In the future, according to the course of the pandemic, we will continue to inform all our students about whether the practice courses will be implemented again.

Our university makes the decision about the practices and internships that will be held during the pandemic according to the course of the pandemic. In the 2019-2020 summer semester, with the removal of restrictions, our students underwent their internship on request. However, there is currently no available information on the course of the pandemic and restrictions for the summer period of 2020-2021.

Pursuant to the content of official documents that we received by our university, instead of internship and professional practice courses, students can complete the process by taking alternative project assignment, courses, etc. In this sense, if you have a mandatory practice course and internship, you can consult with your department/program head and find out what alternative method is offered instead of an internship.

Since you have insurance for accidents at workplace and occupational diseases, which is covered by our University during the internship period, even if you assume responsibility with a commitment, the insurance is binding, thus, unfortunately, at the moment we cannot guide you to the internship with a commitment pursuant to the decision made.

During the pandemic, businesses that allow you to undergo internships are, of course, rare. In this case, the process is entirely between the company and the student, and all procedures and operations required by internship are carried out outside the University under the responsibility of the student and the company of internship.

It is true that we work from home due to the pandemic. You can send us all of your questions about internship and professional practice by emailing