Prof. Dr. Kültegin ÖGEL

Prof. Dr. Kültegin ÖGEL

Dear students,

The field of psychology is gaining importance all over the world and we are witnessing the increasing importance of psychology in society, as well. All these developments create the need for well-trained and competent human resources in the field.

Our university is an experienced institution that has been providing undergraduate and graduate education in this field for years. Every year, we renew ourselves. We want to increase the quality of our education even more. We aim to raise our psychology education to the level of international universities.

One of our main goals is to reflect and adapt the innovations and changes we encounter in the field of psychology into our education program. We want our students to acquire basic knowledge in different subfields of psychology and receive a multidimensional education. For this purpose, we also add faculty members from different fields to our academic staff. Thus, we aim to enable our students to gain different perspectives.

Our goal is to create a higher quality, innovative and inclusive education program and to offer it to all our students in the best possible way.

Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel