Kent Üniversitesi


Director's Message

Dear Students,

School of Foreign Languages of Istanbul Kent University aims to provide you with the language skills you need to gain a place in the globalizing world. Foreign language skills will open a new chapter in your life; it will provide you with better job and travelling opportunities and introduce new ideas to you. We believe that you will successfully complete this process with our experienced, and friendly academic staff who are enthusiastic to guide you in your language acquisition process, superior technological capabilities and a learning environment that supports your education.
We aim to ensure that you acquire skills such as taking charge of your own learning and future, gaining critical thinking skills required to become a competent member of an academic community, managing your time well, in addition to language learning at the School of Foreign Languages.
Istanbul Kent University aims to train you, owners of the future, to realize your dreams. In the realization of this, it is very important to acquire language skills. In the framework of the general goals and values of our university, we aim to provide our students with both language skills and academic skills in line with the requirements of the era. 
I wish you success in your learning journey at Istanbul Kent University, which you will always be proud to be a graduate and a part of.
Asst. Prof. Deniz KARACA
Director of the School of Foreign Languages