English Preparatory Program

Director's Message

Dear Student,

First of all, I congratulate you on behalf of Kent English Preparatory Program (KEPP).

You are here either because your department is in English or you wanted to start your bachelor’s degree only after you improved your English. In either case, congratulations on your first step to become a global citizen.

By learning English at KEPP, you will become a member of the global community. Although you may not be aware of it yet, learning English will open up a new window in your life – enabling better job opportunities, more travel chances, and widening your horizon. We are aware that learning English may not be easy for some; however, with our friendly instructors who are experienced in their fields, enthusiastic about guiding you in your journey of learning and supportive learning environment with advanced technology, we have no doubt that you will be successful.

Along with teaching English, at KEPP we aim to enable our students to acquire some lifelong skills including critical thinking and time management as well as taking the responsibility of their learning process and future.

Istanbul Kent University aims for an education which serves the dreams of the humankind, and this is only possible with you. For this dream to be true, English language plays a significant role. In line with the aims and values of the university, KEPP aims to equip the students with English language skills, as well as academic skills to meet the requirements of the 21st century. We can achieve this with you, not despite you.

I wish you all the best success in this journey of learning at Istanbul Kent University which you will be always proud of as the member and alumni.


Ass. Prof. Ilke Buyukduman

Istanbul Kent University

English Preparatory Program