Securing Tomorrow…


Our university has brought together successful people from various fields such as academia and the business world and aims to successfully provide educational services to our society and contribute to the development of Turkey. Its establishment has been a long and meticulous process and education has commenced with our first students.

We continue our educational journey with innovative and sustainable activities, aiming to proudly walk with our students to a brighter future and to carry our country to the level of contemporary civilization.

Our university is at the center of Istanbul, in harmony with all its surroundings and within itself. Here we offer to the utilization of our students all the opportunities of city life with our meticulously considered high-technology infrastructure, our strong and expert academic staff and our modern educational system based on modern science.

We are proud to set our goal as employing our internationally accepted opportunities to contribute to the social, cultural, financial and scientific development of our people as well as people of the world. In this regard, we raise our students in a free and critical setting with knowledge, technology, security and peace of mind so that they can fulfill their duties as soldiers of development in the generation and fair sharing of knowledge with the human resources of our country. 

Our university was founded on high hopes and with ambitious goals and we are honored to positively discriminate our handicapped and female students under the leadership of science and following truth and development.  These students are unique and essential elements of our social mosaic and we are happy to provide them any opportunities we can so that they can freely improve and develop safe from all negative discrimination. 

We set on this holy path to bring together the youth of today and the owners of tomorrow with a world-class education with correct educational motive and to provide them with successful career opportunities so that they can shape the future as they desire. We wish all those who are on this path with us health, success and happiness.

My Sincere Regards,

Zehra Neşe Kavak, Prof. M.D.