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The main goal of the Department of Visual Communication Design (English) is to provide its students with the ability to create and manage an effective visual language. Students of our department learn to realize designs in parallel with the development in information technologies and changing aesthetic values by examining the sub-disciplines that make up visual communication design both independently and holistically. The department program enables students to create creative design solutions that will open new horizons. It is important to gain competence in written, audiovisual and web-based platforms 
in order to convey the message to the readers aesthetically.

In our department, an education model that will create the ability to create visual design in printed, moving and interactive media is applied. In line with this model, the curriculum and contents emphasize visual thinking and problem solving by bringing together theory, technology and practice in the field of design. It emphasizes applied design learning for print, motion and interactive media. Gains the ability to realize and apply design-oriented analysis of communication problems in visual media. Acquires the necessary operational and application knowledge to finalize designs in visual communication media and transform them into final products. Gains the ability to follow current aesthetic concepts and current events in design, which are current and constantly changing, and to evaluate them uniquely. It focuses on managing the design process and finding creative visual design solutions. With its physical facilities, it makes it possible to implement designs that are directed towards different media and to make these designs a reality with its sectoral connections.

In order to graduate from the department, it is necessary to take and succeed in 240 ECTS courses. The medium of instruction of the department is English. English preparatory class is compulsory for students who do not get the minimum base score to be successful in the English proficiency exam. Students who are successful in the proficiency exam can directly enroll in the first year. 

Prof. Dr. Suat SUNGUR
Head of Department