Department Chair

Psychology is a scientific discipline that explains human behaviors, feelings, mental and developmental processes based on scientific methods. Our department continues its studies with the aim of contributing to the development to Psychology. Psychology branch has a wider spectrum ranging from basic sciences to applied sciences. Our department -within the line of psychology’s main principles- aims to establish an education system that will help students develop an extensive perspective to different fundamental expertise areas of Psychology to provide a conceptual framework to the scientific branch of Psychology. Moreover, our department foresees an education system based on enriched scientific perspective and enhanced with professional ethics and values in addition to scientific research methods. Our graduates earn the title of “Psychologist” and they can be employed easily both at the academia and in the private sector.

The courses in our curriculum aim to place Psychology as a separate discipline and contains knowledge about Psychology’s historical progress as well as its internal theoretical contradictions. In addition, they aim to link the department’s knowledge with the relevant branches, to introduce practical fields that establish the basis of expertise education, and to endow undergraduate application skills. Our curriculum is prepared in such a way to meet the basic requirements of the Psychology training. Our programme is composed of 4 sub-departments: Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. 

Our department’s graduates can be employed in non-governmental organizations, hospitals, schools, courts, prisons, and private companies.