Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to train individuals who are equipped to meet the needs of Turkey, which is in the process of integration with the world. We train our students as individuals who can think freely from a scientific point of view on issues regarding humanity, society and politics, and who have the intellectual background and academic equipment necessary for success in the business world.

We strive to offer the best and most outstanding educational and research opportunities to our students with our academic staff who have gained a place in the scientific world through their work in their respective fields, who have worked for many years in the academy, and who have international experience.

It is aimed that students possess professional knowledge, analytical thinking skills, entrepreneurial and managerial qualifications and vision, and closely monitor innovations, after completing our education programs.

The mission of our faculty is to train graduates with innovative thinking, entrepreneurial and leading skills, to provide world-class academic programs, to create and publish new information in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences and thus to serve the development of the business world.

The campus of our university is located in the center of Istanbul, city of culture, art and university, and it is very close to Taksim Square, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our faculty.


Prof. Dr. Uğur Tekin