Kent Üniversitesi


Head of Department

The aim of the Department of Business Administration is  to educate dynamic and competent persons who have the necessary knowledge and skills for businesses operating in different sectors, and  to introduce them to economic and commercial life.

The objective is to allow students to develop their professional careers and be successful in business life, having taken courses taught by qualified and specialized faculty members (in economics, business, accounting, statistics, mathematics, financial management, marketing, commercial law, management organization, entrepreneurship, strategic management, etc.). Another objective is to train business people and managers who have self-confidence, can think analytically, and are highly skilled in adaptability and communication through a large selection of elective courses that would enable students to acquire qualifications on high demand in the world of business.

Our department trains graduates who can  find employment in enterprises in any sector, in multinational companies, local governments and public institutions  as experts and managers. While the need for qualified manpower is on the rise in the rapidly globalizing world, there may be difficulties in finding people with the requisite talents. In view of the needs in this field, the Department of Business Administration has focused on a high level of education quality.

In a business environment where competition is tough, we take pride  in the achievements of our graduates, who are able to make quick solution-oriented decisions by adopting ethical principles, who have an innovative and competitive identities, and strong communication and leadership competency.