İstanbul Kent Üniversitesi’ nin 2021-2027 Erasmus Strateji Raporu; EACEA tarafından ödüllendirilen Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 (Yükseköğretim için Erasmus Beyannamesi) akreditasyonunun alınmasının hemen ardından, bir ay içerisinde, burada yayınlanacaktır.


ERASMUS+ POLICY STATEMENT 2014-2020 (Overall Strategy)

Modernization through internationalization is the key goal of the international strategy of Istanbul Kent University. The key tool, with respect to achieving this goal, is to participate in all three Key Actions of the Erasmus+ Programme. Istanbul Kent University aims to be a productive and pro-active institution in the participation of all these three key activities; for its own modernization; as well as for the contribution to the well-being of its country, its youth, its professionals, and the European Education Area; both from an Economic perspective of supporting high-skilled employability and entrepreneurship, and a social perspective of supporting equality against discrimination, and respect towards other cultures. With respect to choosing partner institutions; Istanbul Kent University will choose its partners by giving great consideration to both academic and social criteria. As for the academic criteria for study mobility; the University will seek and approve partner institutions that have compatible program outcomes. As for traineeship mobility, the University intends to work with companies and organisations which will provide compatible learning outcomes along with a work environment that will support the students’ professional interests. As for the social criteria in choosing partners; Istanbul Kent University gives great importance to language issues, to make sure that mobile individuals will not have considerable language barriers that could diversely affect their integration. The University also considers other important factors such as; campus life and facilities, social/academic events held and international communities on campus. Geographical vise, Istanbul Kent University primarily seeks partners in Europe; both for its own modernization, and for contributing to the competitiveness of the European Education Area. However, it is open to partnerships with leading higher Education institutions from all around the World provided the academic and social criteria. Istanbul Kent University considers the most important and the primary target group for international mobility to be the students. It is the University’s utmost belief that international mobility is essential for the students’ academic and professional progress; to have better chances of future high-skilled employability, and entrepreneurship; this expected outcome will not only benefit the students, but also the country and Europe as well. The University also considers international mobility to be an important means of supporting students’ personal growth; as non-discriminating, respectful individuals. The staff is the second targeted group for international mobility. The University supports staff mobility as a means for Professional development; as well as a means of modernization through a better-qualifies staff, and a means for higher-qualities of learning for the students. Staff mobility is also regarded as a superb way to build a European Network of educators and institutions. Another important aspect of the University’s international strategy is to be an active participant of international cooperation projects for their expected contributions such as: Building a European Network of institutions; Creating strong strategical partnerships; Achieving competitive European education and research standards; Sharing Global skills and know-how; Advancement in research and innovation, and so on. The University acknowledges the significance of double/multiple/joint degrees for the implementation of its own modernization, as well as for the enhancement of the European Higher Education Area; and its strategic plan includes offering joint degrees for the near future. Istanbul Kent University intends to work in all three Key Actions of the Erasmus+ Programme: Primarily in: Student and staff mobility (Students being the main target group), EU and non-EU, along with, joint/double/multiple master’s degrees; Secondly in: Strategic partnerships, knowledge and sector skill alliances, and capacity-building cooperations, and; Thirdly in: Networks and policy aid methods. Istanbul Kent University was founded by a social organisation called ENEV (Equality for the Education of Disadvantaged Individuals), as a higher education institute to make sure that; all individuals, without any discrimination, who want a higher education should get one. In this light, the University is already offering many scholarships to disadvantaged groups. For its participation in all Erasmus+ activities; Istanbul Kent University guarantees; a fair, transparent, rational, consistent, and documented selection process for all student and staff mobility. Istanbul Kent University is committed to combatting discrimination of all kinds, and it pledges to pursue according to Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.

Being a newly founded University which began its Education activities in 2017, Istanbul Kent University is yet to participate in international cooperation projects. That being said, international cooperation projects, may them be; Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances, Sector Skills Alliances, or Capacity-Building projects, are regarded of very high value by the University as future objectives, to achieve its aim of modernization. In this respect, a strategy has already been founded for the organisation and implementation of all international projects; and it is as follows: The organisation and implementation of all international projects will be directly alligned between; The Faculty Deans, The Erasmus+ Office, and The Rector’s Office. The Erasmus+ Office is responsible from informing the Rector’s Office, Faculty Deans and staff about all possible international cooperation and partnership opportunities. The information about opportunities will be open and clear to all staff; and all staff will have the right to apply for cooperation opportunities of their choices, regarding their particular research and interests, directly to their Faculty Deans. These applications will then be evaluated by Faculty Deans, who will have the responsibility to choose the best matching individuals or teams regarding particular projects. After that, all bureaucratic and financial features of Erasmus+ cooperation projects will be coordinated by the Erasmus+ Office. All staff and Faculty Deans are also encouraged to find and propose collaboration projects of their own, with particular institutes and departments of their choosing, regarding their particular research and interests. In this case, forming teams of selected individuals who best fit the projects will be once again the responsibility of the Faculty Deans. After that, the Faculty Deans will report the results to the Erasmus+ Office; and with the Rector’s Office’s approval, the Erasmus+ Office will start and process all necessary applications to legal authorities. All bureaucratic and financial features of international cooperation projects will be coordinated by the Erasmus+ Office. For cooperation projects; individual staff members taking initiative and responsibility for their research and Professional prosperity is encouraged, as well as giving regard to Faculty Deans’ assessments on suggesting the most qualifies individuals or teams to take part in particular Project areas. Once the Project teams are set, and the projects are ready to be initiated, the Erasmus+ Office will be responsible from reporting and registering the projects  to the appropriate legal authority units which may be; Turkish Governmental Units, The National Agency, or other responsible national or international authorities and stakeholders. In order to make sure that all projects are; visible, accessible, practical, feasible, and sustainable; they will be publicly announced and promoted by the Erasmus+ Office via classic and online media sources such as the University’s webpage, and major social networks. Project developments and outcomes will also be presented publicly at various events held on campus, as well as outside campus; on national and international fairs, conventions, seminars, industrial associations, chambers of commerce and such. Students will be informed in advance about these presentations, and they will be encouraged to take part in them, as either attendees or event organizers; on account that being involved in such events will surely enrich their Professional, social, and networking skills.

For its own modernisation, and with respect to the goals towards a modern and competitive European Education Area, Istanbul Kent University is fully committed on implementing the priorities of the renewed EU Agenda for higher Education. The fully recognized priorities for action, their intended implementations, and their expected impact on the modernisation of the University are as follows: (1) Tackling future skills mismatches and promoting excellence in skills development: Istanbul Kent University recognizes the significance of student mobility for study and traineeships; fort he improvement of students’ cognitive, Professional, inter-cultural, social, and networking skills as well as their real-life experiences and know-how, which will increase their chances of high-skilled employability. This is not only regarded essential for the students’ careers’ sake, but also for the societies’ sake as a whole, as highly skilled graduates will consequently contribute to filling the gap between the demand for and the supply of high-skilled employees in the labor force. For its participating students, to be equipped with not only academic, but also Professional skills, Istanbul Kent University will provide connections for traineeships as real life experiences and skills development, working with its strong business partners. The University will also try its best to develop many other domestic and international business partnerships as well, to serve fort his very purpose. This way of implementing skills development will not only promote high-skilled future professionals, and entrepreneurs; but also elevate the University to new horizons, linking it to strong and lasting institutions of the real World. (2) Building inclusive and connected higher Education systems: Istanbul Kent University was founded by a social organisation called ENEV (Equality for the Education of Disadvantaged Individuals), as a higher Education institute, to make sure that all individuals, without any discrimination, who want a higher Education should get one. In this light, the University already offers many scholarships to disadvantaged groups. For all its Erasmus+ activities; Istanbul Kent University guarantees; a fair, transparent, rational, consistent, and documented selection process for student and staff mobility. As Istanbul Kent University is committed to combating discrimination of all kinds, it pledges to pursue according to Article 21 of The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. All individuals who want to participate in the Programme are welcome with open arms, and all applications will be processed; fairly, transparently, rationally, consistently, and by being documented; for all activities of mobility; regardless of the appliers’ or participants’: sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation. All individuals who want to join the mobility will be treated fairly and equally, and supported properly by the University. This, being an institution which is against discrimination as a foundation rule, will enrich the University’s non-discriminatory heritage even further, for the well-being of all participants, and the society in general. (3) Ensuring higher Education institutions contribute to innovation: All mobility activities of the Program are believed to enhance skills and overall know-how of the participant individuals, thanks to its very nature of sharing Global knowledge. In this light, innovation is expected to be a natural and anticipated outcome of these cooperations. It is believed that; with the coming together of different minds and skills from different backgrounds, we can be more creative as higher Education institutions. Istanbul Kent University hopes to be an active and pro-active participant of the Programme, in the matter of innovation as well, and these expected contributions will not only bring new and higher levels of research to the University, but to all participating societies. (4) Supporting effective and efficient higher Education systems: In this competitive World, higher Education institutions ought to enhance themselves to the effective, efficient, and high-skilled needs of the modern age. The Programme, being the very vital means of modernization through internationalization for the University, is expected to provide this enhancement. By regularly and persistently taking part in the Programme, through sharing and expanding knowledge, skills and know-how; Istanbul Kent University aims to bring itself to be one of the most effective and efficient higher Education institutions of its country, and the European Education Area as well.